Unleash the power
of your front line

Real results with Realwear

RealWear is the world’s strongest supplier of virtual reality wearable solutions that engage, empower and elevate your modern frontline industrial worker.

Enable your teams to perform work tasks more safely, and with increased efficiency and precision,

RealWear provides workers with real-time access to information and expertise while keeping their hands and field of view free for work.

RealWear users improve workplace safety while delivering unprecedented ROI through applications such as remote expert, document navigation, IIoT visualisation and digital workflow. 

With 3 hardware options being the Navigator 500, HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1, plus 200+ applications, organisations can select a solution to suit their specific requirements.

Supported by Foresight , RealWear’s solutions are also simple to roll-out and manage. Regardless of where devices have been distributed across the organisation, upgrades can easily be deployed remotely to ensure performance and security can always be maintained.

Transform your Frontline Workforce!

Hands free

Connects  your global workforce and enables frontline employees to receive assistance from an expert remotely, immediately

Digital Workflow Automation

Reduces  your perational errors with valuable step-by-step visual instructions and checklists.

Visual Assistance

Hands-free verification, visual documentation with a high-definition camera for hard-to-reach assets and places.

Industrial IoT Data

Real-time data access that is required when operating, inspecting, or maintaining  your assets.

Document Navigator

More productivity for you and safety by viewing technical manuals and reference documents with eyes forward and hands-free.

Solutions for U

Supplying Virtual Reality to schools and households, giving South Africans a responsible introduction to VR Technology.