Increase engagement
in your classroom
with Virtual Reality

Create and deliver immersive and engaging lessons for your classroom now

ClassVR offers a complete secure portal with over 1700 educational VR resources, along with valuable lesson plans to help ignite the imagination of your students, leaving them with memories and experiences that help them visualise and understand some of the most complex of educational subjects.

Teachers are empowered to instantly access resources that cover a wide range of topics and curriculum subject areas, add your own resources, such as 360 degree photos and videos, and build your own engaging lesson plans.

Using virtual reality in the classroom provides truly immersive experiential lessons for your student, allowing them to visualize their learning objectives.

What’s more, with your subscription to the ClassVR portal, you will receive brand new VR and AR lesson plans and content, that’s created by our team of education experts for you!

The Hardware: ClassVR Headsets

ClassVR headsets provide a safe and secure way for students to explore VR & AR in the classroom with the teacher keeping full control over each device. From a comfortable VR experience using the adjustable head straps to the intuitive and simple to use interface and controls, ClassVR headsets have been designed specifically for students of all ages.

The Software: ClassVR Teacher Portal

The ClassVR Portal ensures teachers can confidently manage students and add value to lessons when using VR & AR in lessons. Easily search and build VR playlists using the drag and drop functionality, deliver lessons simultaneously and guide students through experiences using set dynamic points of interest. Teachers are always in control and the real-time class view provides full visibility of what and where their students are exploring in the headsets

The Content: Curriculum-Aligned VR & AR Resources

The ClassVR Portal contains thousands of pedagogically sound, curriculum-aligned VR & AR resources including content, downloadable lessons plans, guides and worksheets to boost student engagement in every lesson. Teachers can also upload their own content, access the community of educational resources shared by existing ClassVR users and other third-party educational VR & AR content providers.

ClassVR Storage and Charging

All ClassVR headsets come in a custom design case with a foam interior and strong ABS shell to keep your headsets safe. Available in cases of 4, 8 or 30*, our cases are compact and light so can be easily transported between classrooms. Not only that, our storage cases include a built in charging facility where headsets can charge even when the case is closed, ensuring they’re ready for students to use at any time.

ClassVR Product Training

To help get teachers successfully and confidently using ClassVR in the classroom, we provide an online CPD course which consists of comprehensive bite-sized lectures and quizzes to help you learn how to get the most out of ClassVR at your own convenience. Our Educational Specialists, who are all qualified teachers, are also on-hand to provide training on how to use ClassVR successfully in your lessons.

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Supplying Virtual Reality to schools and households, giving South Africans a responsible introduction to VR Technology.